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Global Rules
***All the following rules are not a limitation to the only rules, but rather a guideline across all servers to include any Discord channel.***

  • You may NOT use any x-ray mods or texture packs that are similar or that give you an unfair advantage from vanilla players. Packs like Optifine are not included in this as they increase your experience and does not give you an advantage against other players.

  • No hacked clients allowed.

  • No profanity or vulgar language that is only suitable for 18+ groups, as we have players as young as 6.

  • Treat all players with kindness and respect, poor attitudes are greatly frowned upon and most are punishable.

  • Asking help from other players is encouraged, but is a behavior that shouldn't be abused.

  • Spamming chat when you are unable to get the attention of a player is discouraged instead try /msg <playername> <message> (Spamming Rules Still Apply)

  • Inappropriate language rather used on signs, built out of blocks, or in chat will be punished.

  • If the game does not provide it as a normal mechanic, it isn't to be exploited.

  • If a player is causing you problems, staff should be notified immediately! As you taking action could cause you to endure punishment as well.

  • When a situation arises that staff is handling, you as the player are not to get involved. It could adversely effect you.

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