Poll: Should we update Survival to 1.13 now?
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YES! I'm Impatient.
7 33.33%
no, I would prefer to wait for the plugins
14 66.67%
Total 21 vote(s) 100%
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Poll for early start
Hopefully to stop everyone asking when will survival be updated I will post a poll on here to get an idea on how eager you guys are to play on 1.13

please note right now only worldguard and rtp work so you can protect your base but that's about it.

plugins that are not working yet are:


Please cast your vote at the top of this page.
Just in my opinion

pets, vehicles, trails and disguises are plugins that wont be used by the majority in the start anyway.
lockette is a good one but world guard will protect chest in claims anyway.
McMMO is a Good plugin but is net necessary at the start.
and SilkSpawners is a good one, but only used by emerald rank and up and in the beginning (first week or two) people will still be establishing a base and not being to worried about making OP spawner farms or anything
kill basicly said most of it hehehe :P
McMmo - why wouldn’t you wanna have the benefits it gives you as you are collecting materials to build your base. Not everyone is going to be relying on money to give them the fast start. Plus the server shop is not going to stock everything. (well that’s what I’ve been lead to believe)

Lockette - would be important for those that are sharing a base. It will be a headache for those staffing the server if people that were trusted griefed or took the items off another player when they weren’t online etc.

The last survival world was up for 2 years, why not take the time to prepare the server as it is a big update before if goes live so jay isn’t restarting, adding plugins, deleting plugins - all because they don’t work right. Hardly anyone has been active in the discord channel & numerous other games are being played ..
i agree with Bex i think we should wait, it shouldn't be long now and as everyone says
Best things come to those who wait Big Grin
I'm with bex on this one, Better to wait until everything is updated.
1.13.1 Survival
1st September 2018
12:00pm AEST
be there or be square

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